Pre-Made Advertisements

Oso Sweet Program Ad

Get With The Program. The Oso Sweet Program combines all the elements of our unique growing protocol, unparalleled care and handling, proven brand name, national marketing plan and our fixed pricing model to give retailers and distributors the World's Premier Sweet Onion Program.


Oso POP Materials and Ad Art

To maximize your sales of Oso Sweet Onions, we have created these striking point-of-purchase materials for in-store use. The high resolution files are perfect for printing and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.

POP Cards
Oso Sweet
7" x 11"
OSOPOPCard.pdf (5MB)

Oso Sweet of Texas
7" x 11"
TexasPOP.pdf (10.3MB)

Oso Sweet
1' x 4'
OSOBANNER.pdf (876K)

Clip Art/Advertising Programs
The clip art below can be downloaded for insertion into feature ads. For information about creating a target market newspaper or radio advertising program, contact John Battle.

OSOclipArtSheet.pdf (1.5MB)


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