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About Oso Sweet

Consistency and Quality Year After Year

To grow a world-class sweet onion requires the perfect union of ideal growing area and unique seed variety. Add in a dedicated team of growers and agronomists, working together to ensure that each Oso Sweet onion meets our exceedingly high standards, and you have a winning formula for growing outstanding sweet onions year after year.

Oso Sweet Chilean onions are grown in the clean, mineral-rich, volcanic soil of the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Chile. On average, Oso Sweet onions contain up to one-third more sugar than other sweet onions, and in some seasons sugar levels reach as high as 15%. This quality makes Oso Sweet onions truly unlike any other sweet onion on Earth.

The crystal-clear water that flows down from the Andes is some of the purest water found on Earth. This is the only water used for irrigation during the Chilean growing season, and it contributes to the consistent size and quality that Oso Sweet consumers look for year after year.

Not only are our world-class onions grown in Chile, but we have also found an ideal growing area in Weslaco, Texas. These domestically grown onions feature the same Chilean size, taste, and quality, but allow our sweet onion season to be extended all the way through May. Now, enjoy the world's premier sweet onion as we lengthen our delicious product availability through the spring.

To ensure quality control, each aspect of production in the Oso Sweet supply chain-from field to end customer-is carefully monitored. All growers observe the same growing protocol under strict supervision, guaranteeing the constant quality of each year's harvest. In addition, each onion is computer-monitored during packing for consistent color, sizing and uniformity, making Oso Sweet grading standards among the highest in the industry.

All Oso Sweet onions are grown to USDA and EurepGap standards, packed in a state-of-the-art HACCP certified facility, and independently inspected to guarantee maximum consistency and quality every season.

When Oso Sweet onions reach your table, you will be pleased to discover a sweet onion with crisp texture and subtle aroma. Oso Sweet onions release no fumes when cut, and are virtually tearless as you create one of our recipes that are designed exclusively to highlight this unbeatable sweet onion taste. Oso Sweet onions are high in sugar and low in pungency, as well as extremely digestible, leaving consumers satisfied again and again.

Tips for buying and storing Oso Sweets

Buying an Oso Sweet

When buying Oso Sweet onions, look for onions that are light golden-brown in color, with a shiny tissue-thin skin and firm, tight, dry necks. When cut into, Oso Sweet onions will have a creamy white interior, and with a mild aroma, Oso Sweet onions are virtually tearless. Avoid purchasing onions that have soft spots or surface bruises as these onions can be lacking in great taste and flavor.

Storing an Oso Sweet

Because Oso Sweet onions are high in water and sugar content, they require more care when storing and should be handled gently to avoid bruising. Oso Sweets should be stored away from potatoes because they will absorb water. Generally, these delicious sweet onions will keep for 4-6 weeks or longer. Once Oso Sweet onions have been cut, they should be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerated until ready for additional use

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